Cosmetic Dentistry

Green Island DentalBeautiful teeth and a great smile is a valuable personal asset to possess. With the help of cosmetic dentistry including tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings and dental bonding, veneers and crowns, we can improve the appearance and function of your teeth by changing their colour, shape and size. In addition, bridges can be made to fill the space of missing teeth.

Tooth whitening is a fast and effective way to safely enhance stained or dull teeth that have become discoloured over time due to aging and everyday exposure to dietary components, caffeine, tea, red wine, tobacco etc. It can help you achieve a dazzling, natural smile without causing any damage to your dental enamel.

Our chosen method of whitening employs the traditional bleaching system which involves taking models of your teeth and making custom made trays to hold the appropriate bleaching product.

This home bleaching system enables the patient to control desired tooth colour, is long-lasting and can be repeated when the patient chooses to repeat the process.

Crowns are indicated to provide support and structure to heavily filled and compromised teeth. We can provide a full range of crowns from full porcelain, porcelain and gold to full gold crowns.

Bridges are used to span gaps created by missing teeth. Bridges like crowns are permanently cemented onto tooth structure and therefore provide a convenient alternative to using removable partial dentures to fill edentulous spaces. Crowns and bridges do have a finite life-span, which is optimised with care and attention to oral hygiene, as well as preventative measures including regular check-ups.Green Island Dental Tooth Whitening

Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth, and implant supported teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Implants involve the placement of a titanium substructure into the jaw bone by an oral surgeon or periodontist onto which crowns and bridges are fabricated by specially trained general dentists.

Although the process is lengthy due to time required for bone healing, implants are considered to be at the top end of restorative dental care. Having been successfully used for over 30 years, they have become the most stable, secure and long lasting replacement for natural teeth.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for dental implants. The health of remaining dentition and soft tissues, the quality and amount of bone available, the patient’s general health and other factors must be considered when assessing the possibility of placing a dental implant.